August 15, 2018
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10 Ways for Kids to Make Money

Posted On : September 24, 2014

Many children have that entrepreneurial gene that drives them to find ways to make money. This has to be the case, as the conventional or common ways of making or winning money– having a job, being an independent contractor, even winning the lottery– are out of reach. With that in mind, here are 10 ways for kids to make money.


1. Lemonade Stand              


Although seemingly everyone has already thought of or done this, there’s a good reason for such: it’s a good, inexpensive to set up, revenue earning opportunity. It is important to choose a good location for your stand, preferably one that is legal. Consider setting up on your own block, near a swimming pool, or at a farmer’s market. Also consider a drive-thru lemonade stand, as this will accommodate more customers. Use huge, clearly-written signs, and make sure you have all the materials you need– cups, napkins, a money-holding receptacle, and of course, ample lemonade. Present a clean appearance to customers, and consider using freshly squeezed lemons. An alternate approach during the winter months is to sell hot chocolate or another warm beverage.


2. Bake Sale 


On a similar, food-related note, you can also have a bake sale. Everyone likes cookies, brownies, and other pastries, and people will feel good about helping out a kid. Chances are that you will have to spend money on ingredients with this option– although you would have to do so such with lemonade as well, assuming you don’t have a lemon tree in your backyard– but it can be well worth it. You may want to consider selling at a garage sale, school (if allowed), on the corner, or anywhere else where people are present. Make sure you don’t under bake or burn the baked goods. Kids may also be excited about this opportunity because it involves something that many adults do as a profession: owning a bakery, being a baker, etc.


3. Have a Garage Sale 


As mentioned to in the last section, garage sales are a good place to sale-baked goods. But they are also good on their own, simply for kids to sell the toys and other stuff they have that they don’t use anymore. This is particularly the case for clothes; children grow out of them, and they have no purpose at that point. They simply take up space. A kid can keep the money from the sale of old clothes, or a parent can use those proceeds to purchase new attire. Toys, as mentioned, are also good to sell at garage sales because kids often get bored of them and move onto bigger or better models. New toys can be bought with the proceeds; or the money can be saved for something else.


4. House or Residence Cleaning 


Although this is for slightly older kids who can handle responsibility, house cleaning is a great gig because everyone needs it. For example, college students often move into new apartments and are required to clean up before moving out. They can also use periodic cleanings as they are often busy with studying and activities, so they don’t run into a situation where they need major cleaning. Elderly individuals can use cleaning, as it may be hard for them physically; professionals can use such a service as they’re occupied with work; moms can use it as their kids will inevitably dirty up their residence. Therefore, you have a wide base of customers. You will need tools such as a vacuum cleaner– unless already provided — and you will work many different areas, including the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms. Because of the need for tools, it is recommended that only older and more responsible kids take this on. Plus, you are taking care of something, and might even be given the key to the house. All of these factors, among others, play into this advice


5. Babysitting 


Older kids can also take on babysitting. It is recommended that you establish your rates before going into business– if you don’t, you might get underpaid. Parents might assume that you will accept a certain rate– like $4 an hour– when you really won’t. You should factor distance, babysitting experience, number of children, difficult of activities, time of day, transportation, and special needs of the children into the equation. You might want to bring a “fun” bag with you, which essentially contains activities and games with which the children can play. Make sure you know how to discipline the children properly and have emergency contacts. Always ask for advice from the parents as to what you can do better next time! You will not only improve your babysitting skills, but you’ll eventually earn more money.


6. Selling Golf Balls 


Chances are that if you live near a golf course, there will be at least a few errant golf balls. People will hit them out of the course, and you can capitalize upon this. You can sell these balls back to golfers after washing and cleaning them, and make money. You should expect to make anywhere from $10 to $20 an hour by doing this– about a dollar per ball. You should bring a big bucket with you to the golf course, and simply fill it up with as many balls as you can. There are three options for cleaning and washing the balls: by hand, using a washing machine, or dishwasher. You can usually sell the balls by going to the golf course– especially on a weekend when it is busiest– setting up a stand nearby the course, or posting on a free classifieds section, such as Craigslist.


7. Recycling 


Recycling is a good, fun and environmentally helpful way for a kid to make money. You can do this with virtually no startup costs, and people will likely start saving or collecting bottles for you. You may need a ride to get to the recycling center, but if you’re recycling in smaller amounts, a bike may work. You don’t just have to recycle plastic or glass bottles and aluminum cans. There is the opportunity to also recycle steel, brass and copper. Make sure your recycling center pays you a fair amount, which may vary from state-to-state. There are apps such as iScrap, which can help with this.


8. Cleaning Cars 


All kinds of demographics need the interior of their car cleaned for various reasons. If you charge $5 to $10 to clean a car, neighbors will be lining up for your services. And better yet, you’ll have repeat services. You will need a vacuum and a keen sense of detail to successfully clean a car. It takes focus and practice to get the technique down. You should market by starting with people you know– they’ll be most likely to trust you. If you get referrals, that’s great; if not, you can go door-to-door.


9. Tutoring 


If you’re a smart kid, tutoring can be a great option. You help younger kids with their homework, and the parents pay you. It’s another win-win. There are many topics on which you can tutor. These include math, writing, reading, science, English and art. You can also teach a foreign language if you’re bilingual. Tutoring by kids is effective because the student will feel a deeper connection with the tutor– they’re both kids after all.


10. Music Lessons 


Don’t worry about if you’re an expert on the instrument; teach all that you know, while still striving to learn as much as you can about the instrument. Chances are you’ll get better by teaching, and your student will appreciate all that you can offer. You should have a set hourly rate, much like with babysitting. This way you won’t be underpaid, and you can dictate how much you make. This is yet another high earning potential gig.