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5 Unique Spring Break Destinations for Students on a Budget

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Spring break is a time to let loose and have some fun, but what if you are on a strict budget as most students are on? There are still plenty of places to hit during this most popular time of year. Check out these five under the radar, exceptionally fun destinations.


1.  Beach Parties Galore


If you love beach parties, look no further than South Padre Island, Texas. Located on the coastal tip of Texas, you can enjoy the hottest beach parties, incredible club parties, and amazing weather at this spring break location. You will find casinos, surfing, live entertainment, and 24-hour nightlife. You can find hotel rooms as low as $55 per night or rent a condo and split the low cost, starting at just $75 per night.


2.  Low Key Tourism and Beaches


If 24-hour parties are not your thing, but you still long for sandy beaches and calming waves, then Galveston, Texas has what you need. Located in the Houston metropolitan area, visitors can enjoy pretty beaches, historical sites, and plenty of shopping. The lodging here is affordable, starting at just $100 per night. As for things to do, there are plenty of activities including beach volleyball tournaments, live music on the beach, pier parties, hiking, bird watching, and plenty of museums to visit.


3.  Florida Without the Cost


If Miami and Daytona Beach are not within your budget, don’t count Florida out just yet. Delray Beach, Florida gives you the best of both worlds – Florida sun and budget friendly prices. Located in the southern part of Florida, college students can enjoy activities on Juno Beach including water sports like surfing; kayaking, sunbathing, and nightlife on Delray Beach; and more relaxing beach activities on Peanut Island. You can find individual hotel rooms starting at around $100 per night or rent a condo for the week with friends starting at just $25 per night per person!


4.  Sin City


Las Vegas might not have the beach life you envision for your spring break, but they have plenty of nightlife and 24-hour entertainment at a fraction of the cost of anywhere else. Catch a redeye flight to Sin City and save on airfare while staying at a hotel for as low as $75 depending on the type of hotel you like. Hotels like Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, and Treasure Island offer incredible deals. The best news is that pool season starts in February in Vegas, which means pool/beach parties galore. If you prefer off the water nightlife, some of the hottest nightclubs are located here, including Pure at Caesars and XS at Encore. Combine the nightlife with the cheap eats you can find at the local buffets and you have the perfect spring break.


5.  Lakes Rather than Oceans


If ocean life is not your thing or you cannot afford it, don’t discount the fun that can be had lakeside. Lake Havasu, Arizona is a great college spring break destination with plenty of water sports fun along with a great party scene. Located 3 hours outside of Houston, this under the radar spring break destination provides boating, incredible beach parties, and parasailing, just to name a little bit of the fun this city provides. This 24/7 party city, known as Arizona’s playground, provides a safe, yet exhilarating environment for all college students. As an added bonus, you can find hotel rooms as low as $100 per night.


Being on a budget does not mean you cannot have fun and break loose this spring break. Get your party on and enjoy yourself while you get ready to wind the year down, putting another year of college under your

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