July 20, 2018
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About Us

Posted On : December 09, 2015

About The Team


We are a team made up of individuals that cover the ranges from experts to single parents to small business owners. We have all had our own ups and downs as we share from our experiences, lessons, and studies. We come together for this blog in hopes of saving others from the hard life lessons some of us have had to learn the hard way.


Meet the team! If you have questions for any of the individual members just drop us a comment!


Daniel Gaines: The Scholar


Daniel Gaines is the scholar of the group. Well studied in finances, running numbers, and investments. Family man with two kids and a beautiful wife and the self proclaimed “top” golfer of the group. Currently in the middle of a house remodeling project. Number one piece of advice he would give “Happy wife = happy life.”


Nancy Trad: The Mom


Nancy Trad is a single mother of one beautiful daughter. She’s had to learn how to juggle being a single parent while having a career. She’s not just a single mother though, she’s been successful at making a career for her own in the financial world. You could say her lifestyle is more than comfortable. Her favorite thing to do is going to Disneyland with her daughter twice a month. Here number one piece advice is “Opportunity isn’t found, it’s created.”


Gary & Patricia Gallo: The Business


Gary and Patricia Gallo are a husband and wife small business team. Meeting in a Greek community in their college years, they knew they had something special in the workings. Their lives and businesses started from the bottom, learning that hard work pays off no matter who you are. They are both heavily business minded but have both found their separate rolls in the business relationship. Their number one piece of advice is “We made a promise to ourselves and our family, when 5 o’clock rolls around we throw in the towel for the day. Family comes first, not matter what.”