August 15, 2018
Ways to get more money!

Creative Ways to Make Money

Posted On : September 17, 2014

When looking for extra ways to make money, it’s easy to think of boring, uninteresting and heavily used ways. However, a smart individual should think a little more deeply; then, he or she can find truly exciting and profitable ways to bring in some extra cash. It may not always be easy to come up with unique ideas so here are five creative ways one can make extra cash.

Testing Apps and Software

Whether a person lives in the Bay Area or a small town, he or she can likely make money testing applications and other software programs. Simply put, companies, large and small, will develop a program and ask in-house engineers to test them. But, in the long run, a successful company will need to develop strategies to test the software in real world situations. This is where a tester will come in and try different applications. Then, when sitting down and testing out the software, the average person off the street can make an easy $50 an hour testing simple apps, tools and games. An added plus is while working in this field, one can have a lot of fun and learn about new technologies and programs.

Online Dating Consultant

Believe it or not, when trying to find dates, plenty of young and available people struggle. While there are plenty of apps and websites to help a person find a mate, many simple don’t have the time to go online and look for someone. Others are not good at the messaging back and forth. Luckily, this has allowed people to work from home as Internet dating consultants. This job entails a person helping others revamp their dating profiles and come up with a catchy way to find new dates. While this requires an entrepreneurial spirit, a hardworking person can easily make a solid living from helping people with Internet dating. Remember, plenty of people have the money to afford this service, and it isn’t hard to find people who need help with their online dating profiles.

Onsite IT Help

While a larger and established company will have its own IT staff, small companies don’t always have people at the office all the time. This is where a hardworking person can come in and offer a solution to small business owners in the city. To get started, one should have a background in software and IT solutions. Then, with a couple of business cards and a few contacts, one can get started in tracking down potential clients. If a person doesn’t have that entrepreneurial drive, he or she can work for a company offering IT services at small offices. Either way, when looking for a way to make money where every day is different, one should consider IT consulting. Simply put, this is a great way to make money, as the industry will only grow in the future.

Entertain Children

Now, this is not for the faint of heart. However, a person who loves children can make a lot of cash by entertaining them. By doing bubble shows or other events, a hardworking individual can easily rake in $50 an hour, or more. Obviously, if a person has experience in a certain field such as acting or working as a magician, this will help. However, if a person has the drive and knows how to deal with children, he or she can bring in some serious cash and have fun in the process. If one doesn’t want to hit the pavement and run their own company, it’s possible to still make some good money as independent contractors. Once established in this industry, a smart person should have an easy time finding new and excited parents who want to join in on the fun.

Bike Mechanic

Without a doubt, people all over the country are realizing that they don’t want to drive to work all the time. While not everyone is trading in their cars for bikes, many are opting to take their bike to work a few days a week. Since most people don’t know how to do much to fix their bicycles, a smart person can capitalize on this and make some cash. To get started, if you do not already have some experience, one should take some basic classes on fixing bikes. You will need buy some tools and start advertising services. Luckily, once a person starts this type of company they can make money as they watch clients roll through the door.


With these five simple moneymaking ideas, one can bring in some extra income with minimal effort. Remember, when finding something fun and interesting, it’s easy to make money with little effort.