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How to Make Money on YouTube

Posted On : September 25, 2014

Google purchased YouTube in 2006. It has been the third most visited site since 2010, behind Google and Facebook. That means it gets an enormous amount of visitors daily, hourly. Advertisers look for sites like this to put their products in front of would be customers. YouTube developed a business model that generates income by providing a platform and allowing users to add content and then advertises on that content. They do this by allowing users to choose to monetize their content, which are the videos they upload.


Once a user has monetized their videos, they can make money on the number of views their videos generate as well as the number of clicks the ads receive. Eligible videos must be owned by the user and have no infringement of existing copyright. If a user is found to infringe on existing copyright, YouTube has the right to ban the uploading of future videos by the user. While users won’t become an instant millionaire or even be able to quit their day job tomorrow, it can generate income, and every bit helps.

Set up a Google Account

The first thing a user must do is set up a Google account. There are many advantages to having one. Google has become a dominant player in the Internet world. It continues to grow, and many sites require a Google account to enter or participate on the site. Google continues to grow, and it is best to grab a username and email address with Gmail before another person or business takes it. .

Choose channels

Once the Google account is obtained, a user can sign into YouTube. YouTube has channels, and an account holder can have more than one username, so they can have several channels. It is best to have each channel cover one specific topic, so that viewers can easily find topics that interest them. When choosing a username, choose a name that is representative of the topic that is covered and that is easily remembered. YouTube accounts are also free to create.

Get Some Advertisements Going

Google AdSense is the next step to getting everything set up. Google AdSense will request additional information. It takes a bit more to set up than Google or YouTube accounts, but it is necessary if the goal is to earn income from the video. They will request tax information such as a SSN/EIN, and physical address. This may take some time to verify, as it is a lengthier process. While waiting for the account to be verified a user can start uploading videos, even if they are kept private until the AdSense account is completely verified.

Make Sure to Offer Quality

There is no topic that can’t be covered by making videos. Images and videos are a great way to grab an audience’s attention. Make sure that quality videos are being uploaded, both in editing and content. The videos shouldn’t be too long, which will vary depending on the topic. Stay consistent with the topic content as well as when new material is uploaded. Viewers will anticipate the videos if they are consistent and they are getting quality content of a subject they are interested in learning more about.

SEO with Videos

Building an audience will come natural after quality content is uploaded. Use relevant keywords to tag every video. Use these keywords in the titles and the descriptions to make it easy to find for viewers that are already looking for more information on that specific topic. The best way to do this is do keyword research to be sure the video has keywords that are being used by individuals that are trying to find that content. Another way to build an audience is interacting with viewers by responding to their comments. Comments are also where many people will find inspiration and ideas for new content. Questions and comments that viewers are making can be a topic for a new video.

Monetize Once Established

Once two or three videos have been created, then it is time to monetize them. This is easy to do in the account setting on YouTube. The account holder will have to click monetize in the settings; if the option is not available the video cannot be monetized. Make a few more videos and be sure to use relevant keywords. Also be sure that there is no copyright infringement, this includes music, artwork, and other media. If there are many videos available and they need to be monetized as well, simply click on the $ symbol next to the video. Once there is some content it is time to share.

Make People Want to Share

The most important thing a user can do to make money on YouTube is to upload high-quality videos. Make sure the content is interesting and engaging. The next thing that should be done to make money is to share the videos everywhere. They should share the link to every video on every platform that the user participates in. Social media is where the people associate with each other; so share the link on all social media accounts. The more people that share, the more opportunities for views and ad clicks.

Outside of the Box Sharing, such as Forums

Share the link on the forums that users frequent as well. Make sure it is a relevant topic, but if the creator of the video is already there talking about the topic share that knowledge with the whole group. Keep a look out for questions or issues that the videos address. Answer questions by posting links to the videos about that specific topic. When providing clear, concise information to followers they show their appreciation by sharing, liking, and commenting on the video. This gets others engaged. So share the information in the videos in communities where your followers can be found.

Make Sure that the Analytics of Each Video is Viewed

The insights that are gained from paying attention to these statistics are immeasurable. They can help determine what is working and more importantly, what is not. If the videos are not getting many followers reevaluate the social media marketing. Find out where the most viewers are coming from and find out why they are watching the video. Do this by asking them directly, many people will more than happy to say what attracted them to the content.

Videos are a Great way to Show Expertise:

YouTube videos can boost an online presence. Yes, they can even make some money, but it probably won’t make many rich from it. It can take quite a while to build an audience and if not consistent it can be very easy to lose an audience. However, it can help bring in a little cash while promoting other endeavors, therefore bring in other revenues.


Every day learn one new tip to apply to creating new content or editing the content to produce high-quality videos: Make sure to engage with viewers by replying to comments and questions. Make sure to research keywords to make it easy for people to find your content. Check stats regularly to see what is working and what needs to be tweaked. YouTube can help make a nice little chunk of change if users keep at it.


With these simple tips, a person can make a serious amount of cash with YouTube. Remember, with a well-run campaign, a person will make some serious money with ease.