August 15, 2018
Ways to get more money!

Quick Ways to Make Money

Posted On : September 18, 2014

When looking for quick ways to make extra cash, people often think of the same ideas that others think of. While it’s wise to consider popular ideas, one must think a little more deeply about ways to make quick cash. While true, a smart person should remember to find ideas that actually work and bring money. Remember, there are plenty of ways that will simply waste one’s time. With this in mind, here are seven Quick ways to make easy cash.

Assist Building LinkedIn Profiles

In the past, people would build a resume, send it out to employees and try to find work. Now, however, when looking for a job, people now use websites like LinkedIn to reach out to potential employers. Not only that, when looking for contract jobs or temp work, people will build their LinkedIn profiles. However, it’s not easy for the average person to write an employment summary and create a marketable page. This is where a person can come in, help the job seeker and make some money. Simply put, when looking to help people and make some cash, it’s wise to work as a LinkedIn profile consultant as it’s an easy way to make money and help people who need to find a new job.

Cleaning Gutters

Now, without a doubt, people often think of high-tech ways to make extra cash. While it’s wise to think of this, one must try to find out other ways to make money. One way to make some extra money, especially during the fall months, is to clean out gutters. To get started, a person should buy a ladder, a truck and a good insurance policy. When looking to grow, one can hire a few contractors who can help during the busy months. Then, quickly, a person can start finding clients and making money, as plenty of people need help with their gutters. Remember, with low costs, one can make money with this simple business idea, as plenty of people need the services of someone who will clean their gutter.

School Tutor

Once kids are back in school, whether in high school, grade school or college, they will need help with their classes. To make some money and help young people in the process, one should consider working as a school tutor. While not easy at first, a person can make some easy cash if they work hard and learn a subject. Luckily, when going through school, most people learn enough skills so they can teach one in school. Remember, whether a person learns another language, math or a science subject, he or she can make some serious money working as a school tutor. To get started, one just needs to place some advertisements online or put some flyers up near the school as plenty of people are in need of tutoring.

Credit Score Repair

Without a doubt, when dealing with a low credit score, a person will have a hard time getting a good deal on a car, home or other loan. However, it’s not hard to fix a credit score. The average person doesn’t know how to deal with creditors or credit agencies. In fact, most people, when faced with credit problems, will do nothing. While it’s easy to panic, a smart person can help people and make some money in the process. To get started, one should learn the ins and outs of running a credit repair agency. Luckily, that won’t take long as there are plenty of resources online. Remember, with a little knowledge, an 800 number and a website, one can build a credit score repair business and make some easy money.

Lessons to Young People

In the past, a person who wanted to learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument would struggle if he or she did not have any money. Luckily, with the advantage of Smartphone’s and the Internet, one can find new clients with ease. For example, when looking to learn a new language, one can head online and search for a tutor. To take advantage of this, a person with extra skills should place an ad on Craigslist and seek out clients. For a low-tech approach, a person can place advertisements in and around town. Then, it’s possible to find people who want to sign up for music or other lessons. Since this is a low-cost way to start a moneymaking venture, it’s an easy way to bring in money from day one.

Freelance Tour Guide

When going to a new city, plenty of people will want to hire a tour guide. This is especially true when going to a foreign country. People from all over the world come to the United States and want to check out the major landmarks. With a little training and the right vehicle or bike, a person can give tours to excited tourists who will pay big bucks to learn more about local landmarks. To start his business venture, a person should buy the right tools, take out necessary insurance and go online to find clients. Of course, it’s possible to find willing and excited people by heading to the local hostels on hotels. Remember, when traveling, people love to head out on the town with a local, and this offers a smart entrepreneur an easy way to make money, all while having fun.


With these seven ways to make cash, one can make some money with little effort. While true, it’s always wise for a person to think of his or her unique situation as it’ will largely depend on this when looking for ways to bring in extra revenue. Furthermore, when trying to find ways to make some extra cash, one should think of their 9-5 job as they can often turn to inspiration in this way. For example, when moonlighting a few extra hours a week as a contractor for another firm, one can make a decent wage, all without having to learn a new skill.