August 15, 2018
Ways to get more money!

Ways to Make Money on the Side

Posted On : September 16, 2014

Making money on the side is extremely attractive in the economy that we’re in. Although you may be intimidated by the idea of taking on a second job, you needn’t be as there are many ways to make some money without being a computer savant or a design maven. Here are a few easy ways to get some cash in your wallet.


Rent Out Your Spare Bedroom

If you have a spare guest bedroom that is going unused then you can make a profit by renting it out. If you are in a good location you can put it up on Airbnb or another similar vacation rental website. However, if you are renting your house or apartment make sure that your rental agreement will allow you to do this without any problem. You may also want to consider finding a permanent resident to live in your spare bedroom, although this is a much bigger commitment.


Get Crafty

If you have a knack for a certain craft then why not make money from it? Whether it’s embroidery or making jewelry, the possibilities are endless. You can sell your goods on an art selling website such as, which is a great place to go to make money from selling anything from paintings to home goods. You can make even more money by offering to create personalized items, which will not only emotionally connect you to your customers, but also allow you to raise your prices.



Do you think of yourself as a good cook? Well then you can use those Iron Chef skills to set up your own small-scale catering business that you can run right out of your own home. Cook for birthday parties, friend’s events, dinners, etc. Start out by marketing your catering business around your neighborhood and spread the word to your friends to see if anyone’s interested. Placing ads on online sites such as Craigslist can also be beneficial. If you go with this option make sure that you are following your state’s food safety laws.


Resell Drinks and Food

If you’re in college then a great way to make some side money is to go to your local Little Caesar’s or Pizza Hut and buy a couple of Pizzas, then go back to your dorm and sell pizza by the slice. You can easily get double your money, especially on weekends or around finals when everyone is stressed out. Another great thing to do is make-baked goods and sell them, as many people in college are missing the comfort of homemade cookies and brownies.


Be a Tour Guide

If you are knowledgeable on random facts and history about your residing town or city then you can make a pretty penny by taking people around and telling them about it. Even if you don’t know much, that’s nothing a quick search on Wikipedia can’t fix. Currently, walking tours are extremely popular, and so you can easily snag a few gigs walking people around. Start by advertising your service on TripAdvisor. You’ll be surprised by how many people are interested in an insider’s perspective of a city or town.


Be Apart of a Car Service

Back in the day the only way for people to get around when they didn’t have a car or public transportation was through a taxicab service. However, this has changed drastically with the arrival of such companies as Uber, Lyft and Flightcar. These companies allow you to perform the same duties as a taxi driver. All that’s required is a license and a car, and you can enjoy flexibility and sometimes even a better paycheck than the typical cab driver.



You can be a self-employed temp by signing up for PA For a Day. This website allows you to find employment with companies and people who need a personal assistant to do such things as run errands, do office work, walk pets, etc. Although this website can be a great opportunity for those professionals who find themselves out of work, it can also be great for those who are looking to earn some side cash.


Max Out Your 401(K) and IRA

Make the maximum IRA and 401(K) contributions every year, and not only will you be given a tax benefit, but you will also receive a very low interest rate. Due to this, you are much better off placing your money into the markets instead of just putting it in a savings account that won’t beat inflation. Although this isn’t a direct job, it will put money into your pocket down the road, since for instance putting $5,000 into an IRA, as a 22 year old will allow you to have $137,000 once you retire. It doesn’t matter your age, starting to save for retirement as soon as possible is the easiest money you’ll make.


Pet Sit

If you like dogs, but don’t want the commitment of actually owning one then joining Dog Vacay can be the perfect opportunity for you. This website will pair you with a dog owner who needs a place to keep their dog while they go on vacation. Although prices begin at $15 a night, you can set your own rate. You may take care of 3 dogs at a time, which means if you want a decent amount of side money and don’t mind sharing your home with a few furry friends, this can be a great way to get your dog fix while also making a substantial amount of money per day.