August 15, 2018
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12 Ways to Make Money Online

Posted On : September 25, 2014

Are you looking to make a little extra spending money? Or are you trying to pay off an unexpected bill? No matter your reason, when you need extra money it can be tricky to know where to look. This is especially the case if you want to do it in the comfort of your own home. The good news is that in this day and age there are plenty of ways to make money using only your computer. Online jobs have been increasing in popularity the last few years as many people are enjoying the convenience of them. Here are plenty of ways to make money online.


Transcribe Audio

Websites have steadily improved the process of providing a written transcript to those that are hearing impaired. This means that there are plenty of online jobs in the field of transcribing. Although you won’t make a huge amount of money by transcribing, it is often very easy and fast work, which won’t require too much of a commitment. Two good websites to find transcribing work are oDesk and eLance.



Article Writing


Plenty of websites, small businesses and marketers are in need of well-written content with keyword integration in order to help them bring in more traffic. Although it may be tricky to make a lot of money when you’re just starting out, most articles are only between 300 and 600 words, which is extremely easy to crank out. Once you prove that you’re a capable content writer, you’ll be able to charge more for your services.


Sell Pictures

This is a great way to make some cash if you like taking photos as a hobby. Due to the fact that many people search for stock pictures by key phrases or words, your pictures could become a lucrative business. This means that you should upload any photos that you think are acceptable. Once you have posted these photos, you are ready to make money off of them. Keep in mind that you likely won’t make much per each sale, however if you have a large amount of photos uploaded it can accumulate to nice income with barely any upkeep.


Enter Contest

Although you won’t make any money unless you win, completing numerous free contests such as logo making, photos and background design contests will increase your chances. It may take you a while to complete so many, but even if you win a few, these will often make up for the other lost ones. Entering into these types of contests could even get your creative juices flowing for other endeavors such as website design.


Flip Domain Names

You can make a surprising amount of money simply by flipping domain names, as they are extremely valuable Internet real estate. One way to do this is by using Google Adwords in order to locate trending keywords that are soon to be in high demand. Keep in mind that most straightforward and short domain names have been bought, however you can get lucky by purchasing domain names that are acronyms since often times a company or person with those initials will want to set up a website.


Give Advice

If you are a walking encyclopedia than this may be right up your alley. You can choose from several different websites in order to make money by answering peoples questions. For instance, and are great websites that only require you to take a test in order to become an expert. Once you’re an expert, you can start answering customer’s questions and make money doing so. If you are extremely knowledgeable on a certain topic than you may even want to check out ChaCha, which will pay you in small increments for completing tasks. From answering questions to solving puzzles, you can get paid to hand out advice. However, keep in mind that the money made at such sites, as ChaCha tend to be small but steady.


Affiliate Marketing

Pitching products online is becoming one of the Internet’s best-paid gigs. One way to become an online pitcher is to affiliate with a mega-site like Amazon, in which you can make a 25% commission. Whenever someone purchases a product that you’re pitching, you will receive a cut of the profits. There are million of products that you can choose from, including computers and e-books. You can also look at other sites such as ClickBank where you can receive up to 75% of a product’s profits. Keep in mind however that some of the items at ClickBank tend to be poor quality, and so make sure to find a product that you’ll be able to pitch successfully.


Work Customer Service

Many retailers now outsource their customer service to other companies such as Working Solutions and Alpine Access, who will then turn to home-based workers. You usually work between 15 to 40 hours each week taking calls for different companies, and will make up to fifteen dollars an hour depending on your performance and the type of calls you’re taking. Be aware that the hiring process is often quite rigorous, and so expect to complete a comprehensive application, phone interview, skills exam and background check.


Mystery Shop Online

Many people have heard about making money through mystery shopping in the real world, however online mystery shopping has become increasingly popular as more and more businesses shift towards being more virtual friendly. You can get a great online gig by hunting as a mystery shopper. If you are just beginning in this line of work then you should be prepared to pay for any purchases that you make, as getting reimbursed will depend largely on your capabilities as a mystery online shopper.


Webinar Marketer

Webinar marketing is simply online seminar marketing, however it is much cheaper than actual seminars and never requires any repeat performances. If you consider yourself an authority on a certain subject, and you think that other people would pay to learn from you then try your hand at being a webinar marketer. All you have to do is record yourself talking about the certain subject in a professional setting, post it on a website and advertise it.


Online Recruiter

If you have friends whose work ethic and skills you’d be willing to vouch for then you may want to consider becoming a job consultant. This endeavor requires you find friends or other people with a certain skill set and refer them to a prospective employer. There are different sites that will pay you for finding and recruiting the right employee to their company. If your friend ends up getting hired then you can make anywhere between fifty and a couple thousand dollars depending on the position they were hired for.


Sell eBooks

EBooks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, however many of them provide people with innovative solutions to their situations. If you’ve ever come up with a clever idea or solution than you may want to consider writing an eBook. You have to be able to write in a clear and concise manner, and provide people with clear instructions, but if you are able to do so you can make a decent amount on selling an online eBook. Be aware that you need to find a topic that people can’t just find an easy answer to, it must be a solution that people would pay to read.